To help kids realize their potential by providing a hassle free academic environment.

Freedom Concept School is a concept school dedicated to interact with children to make their learning process an enjoyable adventure. It is a haven for growth, knowledge and pride in the society. Kids will be prepared, during their course of study, to set goals for themselves and achieve them with pride, dignity and beauty. After their graduation, their relationship with others in the society will always be beneficial to themselves and others.


The roadmap to fulfill our mission included providing opportunities for children to go beyond the corners of the classroom and learn to:

• Develop the ability to surf the information superhighway to think globally.
• Appreciate their neighbourhood and understand their environment.
• Become full human beings with physical, intellectual and moral strength.
• Become resourceful and independent thinkers.
• See themselves in social context and practice what enhances social life.
• Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
• Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way


‘Free kids’ will access the latest and novel technologies and equip themselves to become the best. The school teachers will hold hands with children and assist them during their learning process (along with gentle nudging!!).

Due to advancements in science and technology, nowadays, knowledge and information transfer has become easy and affordable. ‘Free kids ‘will start enjoying its benefits when FCS goes for staff and students exchange programmers with reputed educational institutes in US and UK and also when they obtain diplomas/certificates from accredited foreign institutes. The efforts have already been put in and FCS will become a’ happening place’ in a couple of years.

The FCS management is aware of crucial steps in the learning process and is dedicated to provide the best possible atmosphere to children to go through these steps. A typical learning process at FCS will involve the following (which is in fact common to all of us!):

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