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During last fall season(August 2004) few young engineers(Sampath, Latha, Murali, Madan and Maha), scientists (Siva, Ravi) and building entrepreneurs (Siva, Vijay) in USA (a bunch of NRIs) were discussing the recent trends in Indian school education and their impact on future intellectual INDIA. All of them felt that with the current system of education, kids who graduate out of high school are like containers filled with knowledge and they lack the ability to start an independent and balanced life. By the time they graduate, they have already lost their creativity and it is also a genuine to start that, in some cases, kids are even afraid to be creative and self-reliant!!! The mental torture, the kids go through, during the learning process and its effect on teachers and parents are so apparent that it is talked about in every street corner. These observations gave rise to the dream of establishing a place for learning where kids are free to realize their own potential and still be able to hold on to moral , ethical and cultural values of the society.

During the same season, in Gudiyatham , few talented and resourceful people (Anbu, Uma, Jotheeswaran and Thiruvarul) interested in contributing to educational welfare of their neighborhood were looking for minds with fresh innovative ideas.

When some of the members from these two different groups met, their actions flowered to become FREEDOM CONCEPT SCHOOL. This is a real humble beginning in which the best of East and West will merge.

Our school (Freedom Concept School) is a non-residential, private, and co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The Manickavasagam Educational Trust established the school in 2005 to impart state-of-the art education to students from rural areas and first generation learners. Our school is situated on NH 46 (Chennai-Bangalore Highway) near Poigai (~10 Km from Vellore) and helps in educating students from Vellore and nearby 73 Villages. Our main objective is to build a place of learning where kids are free to realize their own potential and make their own goals for future. Over the years, we have observed that in the society as it exists now, the children are being treated like containers which can be filled with knowledge. We are eager to break this pattern slowly and create a silent revolution with concept based teaching. We have realized the need for an education system which not only includes academics but also encompasses the basic understanding of entire human life.

Utter care is taken to maintain Health and hygiene in all the areas like toilets, campus, transport etc.,. Regular medical check-up is done by the team of doctors headed by Dr. M. Sivakami.

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